Sweet-Voiced [Mutilated] Papyrus



for George Schneeman



he — his sex………………………………..

no doubt

& violence of urbanity


or in fields of asphodel comes the risk




comes with some stronger rivers

out of a swallow’s song

in Africa            mixing it up


his blade    wilde beesties


ageless leader kneels in humility

slays peacocks in the garden


without roses

no leisure to stack on a pedestal

for a wrestling competition in Mytilene, eh?

or as child reads warming of his future planet


she was wont to “go choral”


she – an elegant couplet with bladed axe headgear


[  ] [  ] [  ] [  ] [  ]


Phaeon!  Phaeon! to cry in entourage

& follow him as a camp follower   must         secretly


or not so      gives traction to the other side


enter the horserace

as a stallion fragments                  or it might kill you


skull: propitious, as you mark time, homuculus

foot:  scansion never deprives you of a way to walk out

waist: measure the girth of…call it philosophy?  frag…