Boog City #35

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Boog City 35, July 2006



***Our Politics section, now edited by Christina Strong***

“When I told people in Massachusetts I was moving to Red Hook most of them
said only, ‘Where’s that?’ I was glad they didn’t know and I wasn’t about to
lead them to a simple Google search, which is fine, because I will be priced
out of the neighborhood soon anyway.” –from Red Hook or By Crook: Stepping
into Another Up-and-Coming Neighborhood by Strong

***Our Printed Matter section, edited by Mark Lamoureux***

“Identity Crisis has to be the first work that draws from Ron Silliman’s
blog as source text, namely his prodigious role as poet. I’m curious to see
how long it will be before this anonymous author is uncovered and what the
take will be on the anonymous aspect of this surely flarf-inspired
composition.” –from Publish Poetry or Perish: Dusie’s DIY Chapbook Exchange
Project by Susana Gardner

***Our Music section, edited by Jon Berger***

“Revell is like a cleverer Jackson Browne, a harder-edged Grant Lee
Phillips, but he doesn’t like to label his music. ‘Someone once asked me
about a song, “Is this Christian Rock?”‘ And I said, ‘No, more like Catholic
Blues.'” –Atmospheric and Aching: Grey Revell’s Back After Three Years by

“Richard McGraw’s music is an excellent example of confessional acoustic
rock done well. The requisite Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, and Belle and
Sebastian influences are there, along with John Lennon, Leonard Cohen, and
Tom Waits.” –Song and Void’s Beautiful; Multi-Instrumentalist Abesamis by
Eric Rosenfield

***Art editor Brenda Iijima brings us work from DUMBO’s Sarah Trigg***

***Our Poetry section, edited by Laura Elrick and Rodrigo Toscano***

–Chelsea’s Dan Machlin with an untitled piece

Language on the wall, you say.
Porridge in this bowl to eat.
Vague markings on a column.

–Sunnyside, Queens’ Paolo Javier with 92

derelict heroic weird acumen tippers annul all timid utterance autumnal
erratio end-all being grist for the mill     Korean scientist calumny
enter guest hostile please be in-laws who must sell corpse & skull
quell askant canzones annul Agonistes dare take on Mga Alimasag

–Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s Kristen Gallagher with from Gun Primer

A Religious Education

school lives on
in the hand from above
blocked out

can take you down at any minute

*And photos from Mark Lamoureux and Christina Strong.*